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Solar Powered Electric Fences: Why You Should Get One?

Fences offers you and your property protection from trespassers, thieves and burglars and any other criminal elements. Ensuring your fence is strong, robust is a great investment for your and your family’s safety and privacy. However, maintaining regular electric fences can be very expensive and ordinary fences are usually ineffective.

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Electric fences vs Solar powered electric fences vs ordinary fences

Electric fences: by its name, electric fences are powered by electricity and has higher voltage than solar powered electric fences. However, electric fences are much expensive on the long run because it consumes a lot of electricity when it is active

Solar powered electric fences: solar powered electric fences have lower voltage and power output than electric fences, and is much more expensive as well. But this electric fence can help you save a lot of money on the long run because it is reliant on solar energy thus making this fence also ideal in remote areas such as rest houses on mountains and similar properties

Ordinary fences: this fence does not require any electricity y and only serves as a partition that separates your lawn from your neighbors, this type of fence is not usually effective because burglars can create a small passage by cutting or destroying a part of the fence.

If you are looking for an effective protection and can help you save money at the same time solar powered electric fences is your best pic!

What to keep in mind when buying a solar powered electric fence

Durability: Never settle for anything cheap, cheaper electric fences tend to break easily and can cost you a lot of money in repairing one, always buy solar powered electric fences that are not absurdly cheap and not so expensive

Your location: solar powered electric fences are ideal for big lawns and yards that has a lot of entry points from possible burglars and thieves. The bigger the area, the better because solar powered electric fences tend to eat up spaces and requires a lot of excavation for its foundation

Compatibility: make sure that your fence is compatible with a lot of components such as chargers and similar mods

Speaking of chargers, solar powered electric fence chargers’ article from should help you purchase your charger for your fence with ease, check out semprius blog content to solar powered electric fence chargers here to learn more!