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Sales & License Policies

Victory Framework License and Support

A Victory Framework license may be used on one domain at a time. The license is valid for one year after the date of purchase and includes access to Victory Framework updates and support for any bugs within the Victory Framework. After the license expires, users do not have access to updates or support. Users may renew their Victory Framework license for another year by paying a license key renewal fee. User agrees not to use Victory Framework software on multiple domains unless User purchased a license for each instance and installation of the licensed Victory Framework product.

Hosted Victory Framework Support

We offer updates and support to users with Victory Framework hosting.

We no longer cater to to support hosting bugs for users who have external hosting (i.e. not on our servers). Host related bugs are something that you should take up with your hosting provider. We cover common hosting questions in our FAQ section.

We do not do free website customization for campaigns. For custom coding and website modifications of your Victory website theme we recommend that you hire a developer or we can have our staff assist you for $150 per hour. If you are a “do it yourselfer”, then you should do some HTML and CSS tutorials. For theme modifications (not supported by updates), pick up a book on WordPress (Chris Coyier’s Digging into WordPress is excellent).

Refund Policy

Victory Framework will not issue credit card refunds for any transaction under any circumstances. All sales are final and monthly service charges will not be prorated or refunded for an unused month.

In addition, Victory Framework will not, under any circumstances, issue cash refunds for early contract cancellation. All Victory accounts begin an obligation-free trial which will allow you to evaluate the service for 5 days. No credit card information is collected to initiate a trial account, and charges will only be applied after explicit account purchase via the account Billing area. Please sign up for a monthly payment schedule if you are unsure of how long you will be using the service.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our sales policy, please contact us via email or by using our support system. You can also give us a call at (330) 883-3032.

Victory Framework is located at:
96 Brookside Black Mountain, NC 28711

All correspondence should be sent to:
96 Brookside Black Mountain, NC 28711