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Reasons To Switch Paperless Billing With Bottini Fuel


In this age of information, where the wealth of human knowledge is at our fingertips, waiting for paper mail is almost a thing of the past. Managing your Bottini Fuel account online is easy, and secure. Here are a few reasons to switch to paperless invoices.

It's Fast and Easy.

  1. It saves money for everyone. Where considering the costs involved, switching to paperless makes sense. In time alone, the labor invested in paper invoices is immense. No longer are the days where invoices needed to be handwritten or even typed, however, it is still a labor-intensive excessive. The upkeep on printers, toners, paper, envelopes. Making sure they get stamped. Then mailed. Once everything is accounted for, the cost is staggering.
  2. It's better for the environment. In paper alone, this should be something to consider. If every household in America receives a single two-page invoice every month, on average, the United States needs to cut down a massive number of trees every month. The chemicals used in the toners of those printers pollutes the environment. In an age where we are trying to be more conscious about the future of our planet, be the change that you wish others to be. Shipping and handling with trucks going to sorting stations, then shipped to your local post office adding to the carbon emissions. Going paperless is one way to take a step in the right direction.
  3. It's faster. At a click of a button, you can have access to your information. From monthly fuel consumption to tips and tricks on how to reduce your usage. You will find information about your account 24/7, right at your fingertip. You will find all sorts of useful information but accessing our website. Online payments are also accessible for your convenience.
  4. Safer. Everyone worries about the safety of their documents. By keeping your documents filed online, your information cannot be accidentally left somewhere or stolen in a home invasion. Having a copy, on the go, whenever you need them, wherever you may need them, without having to carry a briefcase, or having a locking filing cabinet just makes your life easier.
  5. Saves space. We all had, at one point, one of those bulky filing cabinets. What an eyesore. There is no hiding them, no amounts of decorating can hide what it is. Keeping a hard copy of your files takes space that could be put to better use. Looking through those files one by one, trying to find the one you need takes time and effort. Saving your files online will make it easy to sort through.


For all these reasons and more, we have made the switch to paperless billing as easy as possible. We strive to make your life easier here at Bottini Fuel. Paperless billing is just one way for us to give you access whenever, and wherever you need it. It's a green, safe, and convenient way to communicate with you on all the important information you may need.