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Nadine Gourkow Examines The Best Teen Magazines


Many years ago, when Nadine Gourkow was a teenager, she loved to read the latest teen magazine. While the face may have changed of these magazines, the message remains the same. The entire point of these magazines is to tailor their articles for teenagers and the troubles they face on a daily basis. They throw in a bit of gossip and they are good to go. But with so many new publications coming out all the time, it is hard to figure out which ones are worth reading and which ones are not.

Top Teen Magazines

Keep in mind that these magazines are not just for teenagers. As adults, we sometimes get out of touch with what problems teenagers have. Just as the previous generations had no idea what problems children faced when the world first started going online, today’s adults have no idea what problems plague teenagers in the social media world they live in. It is important to know what problems your teenager may have so that you can help navigate them through life. These publications can be great for employers as well, so they can understand why their young employees do what they do. So, we will stop rambling and present to you the best magazines that you can buy to try to understand teenagers of today.

  1. J-14 – This publication almost always tops the charts of teen purchased magazines. That is because they seem to have the market cornered on how teenagers live today and what they want to read about. While they do mainly focus on celebrity gossip, you will find many articles sprinkled in that teach life lessons. Things such as bullies, body image, and of course the opposite sex.
  2. Twist – Much like J-14 this magazine will keep your teenager, or you, up to date on the latest teen idols and what they are doing. Again, highly focused on gossip, but still takes the time to address the problems that teens are faced with. In addition, they give clothing and fashion advice to keep you up to date with current trends and how to make yourself look fabulous on that big date.
  3. Glitter – Like the other two magazines on this list, Glitter does have its fair share of gossip. However, if you are looking for a little bit more in your teen magazine, that is where Glitter excels. They have a part of their periodical dedicated to book and reading. This is something that no other publication on this list can offer. They will tell you what the latest books your friends are reading and why you should be reading it as well. If you are looking for a real down to Earth magazine then you needn’t look further.


It may seem weird to read that Nadine Gourkow is talking about teen magazines, but there is a wealth of information that can be gleaned from reading one of them. If you really want to understand what makes teenagers tick today, then you definitely need to pick up one of these publications the next time you find yourself in the magazine aisle.