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Handy Discusses Decluttering Your House


The number one complaint from our customers is that their house is too cluttered. Handy knows that this can be a daily struggle for some people, but there are a few ways that you can solve this. We are going to go over some very basic things that you are going to want to do if your house is too cluttered for your liking.

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Most people think of decluttering as throwing away perfectly good things. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t need to throw the things away, you just need to get them out of your house. Some things you can put into storage. If you have an attic or basement you can do this at your house for no cost. If you don’t have access to either of those you can always find a storage company and rent a room to store your things. However, this will cost you a pretty penny and you may never use the stuff anymore since you are not seeing it on a daily basis.

The best way to start to declutter your house is to set a date. That date should be about one year from today. On that day, if you have not used something, you probably never will. Since you didn’t use it, this means that you won’t miss it when it is gone. If this is something that is still in good working condition (clothes, electronics, appliances, etc.) then you should look into a local donation bank and see if they will take them. There are also many private charities that help people to get back on their feet after disasters or other domestic situations. These places can be a little picky because they are small and have very little storage. If all else fails, take all of your unused (we say unused because a part of you still wants to not give it away) items and donate them to your closest Salvation Army or similar organization. They have far more storage and many more resources to deal with your donation.

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Baby Steps

We all know that you are not going to do this all in one weekend, so don’t plan on doing it like that. If you do, you will find yourself overwhelmed and you will end up quitting. This will not accomplish your ultimate goal of decluttering your house. What you will want to do is, on that date you set above, you will take one bag, box, etc. and fill it to the top. You can start off by setting a date one month ahead of that date and trying to give the items away to family or friends. All you will need to do is make a Facebook post (or they now have Marketplace that you can use) and see if anyone wants to give you a couple dollars for it. If you happen to set a date in the summer, you could also have a garage/yard sale. At any rate, set a date and then follow the steps in the “Decluttering” section.

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Handy knows that it can be hard to part with your possessions, but at the end of the day, you will never remember the things you gave away six months ago. Hopefully, the things you did give away will find a new home and start to be used again.