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The ultimate WordPress campaign theme

Victory Framework

  • Premium WordPress Theme
  • 3 Designs, unlimited colors
  • Lifetime support
  • Live Preview
$ 139

Check out the features

3 designs included

Victory allows you to switch between 3 amazing designs. Instantly.

Color Match Technology

Apply campaign brand colors to any design instantly and seamlessly. Simply choose two colors and sit back.

3 slider formats, 2 engines

Choose 3 different styles to show your images, including full width. Even show videos with the Anything engine.

5 custom widgets

Victory includes all the basic campaign widgets: action buttons, social media, Facebook and Twitter feeds, and a YouTube videos. All styled to match perfectly.

Complete Campaign Scaffold

In seconds, Victory sets up pages and default content. This allows you to modify an existing scaffold, as opposed to creating one from scratch.

News, Events, and Blog

Enhanced post-types for all types of campaign updates. Get Updated 300-101 Route exam questions. Everything is ready to use out of the box, no configuration needed.

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Once you're satisfied with the trial, simply purchase an activation key to remove the activation reminder. This activation key is completely transferrable from any testing domain to a live domain.

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